10 Stuks DEXE Black Hair Dye,Hair Shampoo White Hair into Black Instant Hair Dye Natural Black,Nourishing Repair Your Scalp

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  • ✵Natural - Made with Chinese herbal extracts and French medicine extracts that give you healthy and natural looking black hair color,healthy environmental protection.Black hair shampoo is developed with non-toxic ingredients which helps strengthen, nourish, protect and repair your scalp.
  • ✵Compared to the traditional hair dye, it has the advantage of low cost, time-saving and convenience. You can now dye your hair quickly and easily at home by yourself and save a ton of money!
  • ✵A single pack of Dexe`s wondrous instant hair dye shampoo will only take a few minutes to give you a lustrous black hair color that will last up to 30 days.
  • ✵Usage:1.Thoroughly moisturize your hair and dry it with a towel to keep it from dripping but moist;2.Wear the gloves;3.Squeeze out the cream, mix evenly and apply on the hair;4.Massage your hair slightly until the cream spread evenly on hair, keep the cream on hair for 5-10 minutes or so. If your hair is more, please use 2-3 sachets for one time;5.Wash and blow dry hair.
  • ✵Shelf life: 3 years;Main ingredients: fleece-flower root extract, collagen, gallnut, amino acid, vitamin E;Counter the signs of age and forget white and grey hair.

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Introductie jaar : 2020